Usk Show 2024

Usk Show 2024

14.09.2024 - 14.09.2024 Chepstow, United Kingdom, Usk Showground
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Category: Agriculture, Animals & Pets, Livestock, Rabbits
Organizer: Usk Farmers Club Ltd
Exhibition center: Usk Showground

Overview interest facts - Usk Show 2024

Usk Show aims to celebrate the very best of Monmouthshire farming and rural life. It features thriving Horse Show and Show Jumping Competitions, as well as Goats, Poultry, Rabbits, Horticulture, Home crafts, a Companion Dog Show, Steam Corner and Vintage Tractors.

Overview of exhibitors / visitors - Usk Show 2024

Leading exhibitors will gather here in Usk Show and showcase a wide range of products and services such as agricultural products, equipments, machinery, feeds supplements, livestock products, dairy products, horticulture products


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