Thailand International Pet Variety 2024

Thailand International Pet Variety 2024

03.10.2024 - 06.10.2024 Pakkred, Thailand, IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center
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Category: Animals & Pets, Dogs, Cats, Veterinary
Organizer: IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd.
Exhibition center: IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center

Overview interest facts - Thailand International Pet Variety 2024

“SmartHeart presents Thailand International Pet Variety Exhibition, episode 9 [Shopaholic]”, the leading pet exhibition in Thailand welcomes all pet lovers and their adorable pets to the exciting fabulous pet competitions and incredible pet activities, Being along and show-off the untapped potential of your pets to the show, enjoy shopping caravans of discounted of pet products, such as unique accessories, lovely costumes and health care goods from over 200 exhibit booths, covering 8,000 sq.m.

Overview of exhibitors / visitors - Thailand International Pet Variety 2024

The exhibitors gathering in Pet Variety will showcase a wide range of products and services such as pet food and snacks, shampoo hair care products, lotions and sprays, detergent cleaning and disinfection, equipment for trimming your pet, products for pet cages and toys, pan collars, leashes, food, clothing fashion pets, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, nutritional supplements, services such as bathing, grooming, hospital or clinic treating pets, publications and magazines about pets, products and souvenirs about pets, attractions, charity care help homeless pets and more


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